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Discover Spanish is the program middle school Spanish teacher are talking about!

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Our Mission

Our goal is to get middle school and high school students excited about learning a new language.

The Got Spanish project aids in establishing a firm foundation of language learning for beginning Spanish students.

The Got Spanish Project is a partnership between Language Treks and Costa Rica Explorations.


  1. Discover Spanish can be used to complement classroom learning by providing a variety of tools for teachers including lessons, podcasts, worksheets, games, exercises, travel blog and more.
  2. Discover Spanish delivers a fun and engaging way for students to practice and build confidence in their language skills.
  3. Teacher Dashboard allows teachers to easily keep track of their students’ progress.
  4. Simple to use, it can be accessed anywhere.

Discover Spanish For Your School

The Discover Spanish learning system includes fun interactive lessons using a building block approach that motivates students to continue learning. It was developed by language experts and teachers and supports the National Standard for Foreign Language Learning. Discover Spanish covers the key components of the language including vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture. Learn More...

"This exciting, new teaching tool is especially useful in reaching various learning styles -- visual, audio, and kinesthetic."
Lorain Houlihan, Spanish Teacher, Grades 7-9