Learn Spanish the fast, fun and easy way

How it Works

Discover Spanish was developed by language experts and teachers and supports the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning. With Discover Spanish, you will explore the meanings of words and phrases in the context of real-life situations, learn vocabulary and grammar and how to use them in conversations and practice what you have learned with interactive exercises and fun games.

Three Easy Steps


  • Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the Spanish language.
  • Interact with a cast of native speaking characters who will engage you in learning to speak Spanish.
  • Explore the meaning of words and phrases through visual images connected to real-world scenarios.



  • Learn the sentence structure, language rules and vocabulary foundation you will need to achieve language fluency.
  • Gain the confidence to master basic conversation skills in real-life situations while you learn about the rich and vibrant culture of Spanish speaking countries.



  • Have fun with your new language skills.
  • Practice what you learned with interactive exercises and entertaining games that will keep you interested and reinforce learning.


Audio Companion logoAnd with the Audio Companion, you’ll be able to practice the material from each lesson anywhere that you can take your ipod or MP3 player. This combination of online interactive lessons and podcasts for “learning on the go” makes learning more practical, convenient and effective.

Key Features

Personal Tutors
Johnny and Cristina will help you every step of the way to gain the confidence you need to engage in real and meaningful conversations with native speakers.

Short, Simple Lessons
Discover Spanish introduces information in small, manageable steps. Lessons build upon each other for rapid learning.

Audio Recordings
High-quality recordings of native Spanish speakers from Latin America allow you to master your pronunciation.

Learn Spanish anytime, anywhere. Discover Spanish is completely self-paced and easy to fit into your lifestyle.

Discover Spanish uses rich visual imagery to help you learn the meanings of words and phrases in context.

Games reinforce learning and provide additional opportunities to practice what you’ve learned.

More than 500 of the highest frequency words in Spanish are taught grouped into themes like days of the week, parts of the body, etc.

Easy-to-understand grammar explanations build your understanding of grammar concepts and take you up to intermediatelevel Spanish.

Discover Spanish integrates culture with language learning and supports the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning.

Interactive Exercises
Interactive exercises provide you with immediate feedback on how well you are doing and ensure maximum retention and recall of the material.

Conversational Focus
Discover Spanish gets you speaking and understanding Spanish in real-life situations right from start.

The combination of online software and podcasts for reinforcement makes learning more effective and convenient.