Learn Spanish the fast, fun and easy way


Our Story

When we first began the journey of building a learn-to-speak-Spanish program, we envisioned an online program that would be tailor-made for the average person struggling to learn a foreign language and not really having much luck with it. You might say, we aimed to build a “Spanish for Dummies” prototype. We also wanted the program to be accessible anytime and anywhere, from any computer.

We knew most people who choose to learn to speak Spanish quit after just a few lessons. We knew we had to make the lessons fast, fun, and easy to keep a learner engaged. In short we knew there was a better way!

To accomplish our goal we implemented a better approach 1) bite-sized lessons that build upon previous lessons and allow for rapid learning; 2) animated characters in real-life situations that beginners can relate to and understand; and 3) we injected a sense of fun and playfulness that makes learning seem effortless.

As our Spanish program was being built, it became clear that having an “on the go” option, in the form of podcasts, would complete the concept of being able to access the program anytime and anywhere; while walking, at the gym, or traveling. Our podcasts, featuring Johnny and Cristina, have successfully placed in the top ten itune charts for the past several years.

So, with our previous experience, innovative new content and design, and added input from native speakers and teachers, Discover Spanish was born. As it turns out, our idea is taking hold quickly and offers our users many benefits. Our content and new approach was first on the scene and others have since jumped in and begun modeling their programs after ours. We remind ourselves that good ideas are the ones that frequently get copied. We look at some of our competitors knowing they must admire what we have done and take that as a compliment!

We are proud of our accomplishments, but there is still a long way to go. We have more ideas and more projects on the burners. Discover Spanish is our commitment to work harder and smarter- to ensure that our programs make learning a new language easier and more fun.